Below you will find the link to our online Training. Here are some important factors when completing this part of your hiring process. Please read and refer back to if you are having any issues.

-First, you will need to Register to make an account. Keep your login info handy for future log-ins.

-Once logged in, please take the time to make sure you are enrolling in the correct training. Please read the description of each training carefully to ensure that you are completing the correct one.

-When you choose the correct training, please start at the beginning of the list. Click on the courses to start.

-On any of the reading material, mark complete when done.

-On the videos, make sure the videos play all the way through the end and the video stops on its own, including the credits. If you exit the video before the video ends itself, you will have to watch it again. Once the video has ended itself, mark it complete, and hit the next lesson.

-You are unable to save a half-watched video. If you have to stop training in the middle of a video, you will need to resume the video from the beginning upon your next login.

-For best results, please make sure you have a good and stable internet connection.

– Please make sure you are actively working when logged in. The system will auto-log you out after an hour of no activity.

– Each position has a State required amount of training. Please make sure you are keeping a log of your training time and give this information to our Recruitment department or local office.


Training Link